Auguste RODIN ( 1840 - 1917 )

MAIN N°03, small model (1880-1885)

Bronze, H : 11,3 cm, L : 6,9 cm, D : 6,7 cm
Authentic example by the Rodin Museum signed "A.Rodin", on a marble base
Cast in May 1945

Comité Rodin inclusion advice:
Two or three lifetime casts by Rodin circa 1910-11, two or four then cast between 1925 and 1945 by Alexis Rudier for the Rodin Museum,
final edition of 9 examples by Georges Rudier between 1960 and 1962.

Exhibition reference: our bronze was included in the exhibition in 2018:  «Georges Dorignac, Corps et Ames», musée de Montmartre, Paris.

Auguste RODIN