Gualtiero BUSATO

Gualtiero Busato is born in Civitavecchia (Rome) on April 14, 1941. After a childhood spent in Perugia, in 1949 he follows his family which settles in Paris where his father, a sculptor, will especially become the founder of reputed art who will work principally for Gargallo, Bourdelle, Picasso, Moore... From a very young age, he learns the mastery of casting in lost wax at his father’s side and discovers the secrets of bronze. He is not yet thirteen when he completes his first sculptures.
On the fringes of the fashions, he develops from that moment on a very free, personal work, baroque and personalized by the movement that he gives to almost all his creations. His characters in flight, messengers or prophets, the nuovolone in equilibrium on the clouds, the serene or grimacing masks... right away meet a public who will stay loyal to him for all of his career.

For twenty five years, Univers du Bronze Gallery has participated in the promotion of his work in regularly consecrating to him specific exhibitions that always meet with a very large success. 

Well known for his characters in flight whose equilibrium is stupefying, Gualtiero Busato is one of the rare artists capable of expressing himself with the same happiness in sculptures of small dimensions (bronzetti) and in monumental art (Fountain of the Messenger in Angers, Place La Fayette).

Since 2005, he has been developing a new theme inspired by the Chinese poetry of the Sung and Wi periods that gave rise to an exhibition at Univers du Bronze Gallery ( March 11 – April 12, 2005).   

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