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Jean-Baptiste CARPEAUX ( 1827 - 1875 )

J.-L. GEROME (1824-1904) (1871)

Peintre d'histoire, neoclassical movement
Dedicated plaster
H : 61 cm, L: 25,3 cm, D  : 25 cm
Authentic example titled "Gérôme" signed, dated and located in the mould (hardly readable as usual) "Al Sommo Pittorre Gerôme, J.Bte Carpeaux, London 1871", dedication from the painter, "à son ami de Vallerand de la Fosse, J.L.Gerôme" (engraved in the plaster), probably Comte Edmond de.. (1831-1915) - beautiful example, the mots beautiful identified by us in this material.
Circa 1900 (before 1904)

Jean-Baptiste CARPEAUX